Best 6×9 Speakers for Your Car

Not satisfied with the built-in speaker that came with your new car? Well, you might want to consider purchasing an aftermarket speaker. Although it will mean additional expenses on your end, you have the guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results – especially if you have picked up the right product.

If you are looking for the best 6×9 speakers, then read on and check out these suggestions.

best 6 x 9 speakersFirst, you have to look for a trusted brand. Go for one that is synonymous with superior sound quality. There are a lot of excellent manufacturers in the industry but all you need to do is choose one that matches the features you want as well as the budget you have.

Next, you want to get a speaker that is both sturdy and easy to install. Having a speaker that will last for a long time can be a big benefit. Also, the installation process should be fairly simple it should only take you a while to figure out how to do it. Ideally, you do not have to hire professional installers to get it done.

The Best 6 x 9 Car Speakers To Buy

Product ImageCar SpeakerRatings
Kenwood KFC-G6930 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way Car Speakers
Kicker KS693 6x9 Inch. 3-way Speakers
Infinity Reference 9633cf 6 x 9
Pioneer TS-A6975R 6 x 9 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers
JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker

Lastly, as with all audio products, it is the sound that matters most. These speakers will allow you to enjoy a pleasurable listening experience without any hassles. The bass sound should be rich and distortion issues should be minimized.

It can really be a wonderful addition on your automobile. Driving will be so much fun now that you can crank out your favorite tunes with superb quality in a way that only an excellent speaker can deliver.

Look No Further: We’ve Covered The Basics for your Car Speakers

Finally decided that enough is enough with your sub par factory speakers? Tired of having them sputter or crackle whenever you turn up the volume even just a teeny, tiny bit? That’s fine. There are plenty of new options available on the market which are sure to tickle the fancy of even the most discerning audiophile. Having a good speaker set is something which sometimes goes overlooked by the average car owner, but when you’re stuck in traffic and want to listen to something to pass the time, or need to make an important call with your Bluetooth reception, having quality speakers will definitely affect your mood. Worry-free listening can take a huge load off your shoulders, while muffled sound can be very frustrating and can make a ride that’s already stressful a whole lot worse—finding the car speakers will really make a difference.

If you still haven’t decided on what you’re supposed to be buying for your car, a few considerations apart from dimensions—which is a given with a 6×9 speaker—should be first and foremost on your list. One of these is the budget you have, as there’s no point in drooling over different specifications if you can’t make it work with the cash you’re planning to allot for it—and for all you know, there can be a cheaper model that has all of the things you need and none of the ones you don’t.

Next would be the material that goes into your speakers. 6 x 9 speakers are designed to give a great mid-bass projection which will not distort the mids and highs, so the material they’re made of will affect the final sound output, as well as durability. You don’t want to be replacing those speakers twice a year, no matter how cheap they may be! It’s better to throw down a little extra if it means you’re getting quality speakers.

Third would be the brand. It’s not the most important factor, but it is something worth considering, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to car speakers. As a general rule, these brands have produced excellent 6 x 9 speakers: JL Audio, Infinity, Kenwood and Pioneer. When in doubt, these are bound to have what you’re looking for—just be discerning about the speakers you’ll be getting from your brand of choice. Remember that it’s not all about the name, but the technology and design that makes the name trustworthy in the first place which should be your consideration.

If you’re on the lookout right now but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, here are some of our picks.

Reviews of the 5 Top Rated Best 6×9 Speakers

Kenwood KFC-G6930 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way Car Speakers Review

Kenwood KFC-G6930 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way Car SpeakersI really make maximum usage of the sound system in my car because of my long drives to and from work, so when my old speakers blew, I replaced them with these Kenwood ones just to see how they’d work out. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was for the price, and I was worried they wouldn’t last very long, but they’re still faithfully blasting my playlists without any funny sounds or interference.

Good power range of 2-250 watts RMS—300 watts peak!

Note the range of this model goes all the way up to 50 watts RMS, so it’s best to provide an external amplifier with these to make the most of this wide power range—otherwise it’s still pretty flexible in terms of what you choose to pair it with. This wide range means that even at high volumes, it plays anything well, and I’ve seen that happen, whether it’s an FM channel or a new CD.

This speaker further prevents sound distortion and projects anything transmitted very clearly, so there’s no chance your music will come out odd and muffled.

A lightweight polypropylene cone

I’ve experienced the much-lauded enhanced bass on this model—I even get that satisfying “thump” progression that you can get from strong bass settings in more expensive speaker sets. I can easily attribute that to the material of the cones for the speakers, as they’re quite light and transmit sound easily. Unlike the more common material for cheaper speakers—paper—the plastic that is polypropylene makes this set more durable, not to mention easier to clean and keep free of random gunk.

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Features and specifications

  • Three way Kenwood speakers
  • 2-250 RMS—maximum of 300 in terms of power peak
    sensitivity of 90 dB with a frequency response of 35-25,000 Hz
    lightweight polypropylene cone ensures clear vocals and enhanced bass reception
  • 16 x 4 x 8.8 inches per speaker, comes in a set of two
  • 3.18 inches in depth per speaker
  • 5 pounds in weight per speaker

The Disadvantages

Some other customers, while they praised the sound quality of Kenwood speakers, did have some quibbles about installation—sometimes it was the speaker set that was too big, other times the set was too small. But I think that this is something that can be prevented by thorough measuring, some research, and in a pinch, buying some inexpensive spacers to ease in the fit. It’s also important to check the room at the back and not just the length and width of the speakers to prevent things from sticking out.


There’s a reason why it’s worked for me and why it’s a bestseller here—Kenwood really knows how to make reliable speakers for a reasonable price. Even when you max out the volume, it keeps on delivering with no distortion whatsoever. It’s one of the best additions I’ve ever made to my car.


Kicker Kicker KS693 6×9 Inch. 3-way Speakers Review

Kicker KS693 6x9 Inch. 3-way SpeakersI have a tendency to put my sound system through everything, no joke. As someone who loves to listen to different kinds of music and drives around in all kinds of weather, I’ve had to deal with distortion due to humidity, damaging speakers because of extreme temperature changes, being frustrated with crackling or a lack of clarity in the mid and high notes, and annoyance at a very muffled bassline. After a couple of weeks of putting up with my pre-installed sound system, I was determined to find a great replacement that would give me the same enjoyment of music that I had with my headphones—and I ended up with this wonderful set from Kicker!
A well-made polymer cone that’s tapered and comes with Santoprene® surround

There’s a reason why I like downloading high-quality formats of my music—to convey the sounds as clearly and as close to the original recording as possible, as if I were in the studio listening to an actual performance.

However, there’s no point in getting a high-quality track if my speakers can’t project that properly, and that has a lot to do with the cone. Fortunately, this Kicker set’s polymer cone is shaped in such a way that there is smooth transition from mid to high frequencies, which allows the entirety of the audio bandwidth to be reproduced as accurately as possible. The cone also retains and projects vibrations well, and means that it will last even in odd weather conditions—so no more humidity problems for me!

Good power handling, with 100 watts per speaker and a peak of 300 watts per speaker!

Because of how well this pair is designed, they can handle a lot of power—being taken all the way to the peak—without any serious distortion of sound. A combined peak of 600 watts for the set has ensured that even when I crank it up, the mids and highs are just as crystal-clear as the bass. There’s nothing quite like the booming thump of a strong, well-projected bassline to let you know that your set is maximizing use of its power, and these Kicker speakers do just that.

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Features and Specifications

  • 9.4 pounds in weight
  • mounting depth of 3-3/16″
  • Feature power handler of 600 watts/pair per 300 watts
  • 100 watts per RMS
  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Made to fit 6 inches x 9 inches spaces
  • Frequency response: 30-21000 Hz
  • Tapered polymer cone comes with Santoprene® surround for minimized distortion


Apparently when you turn it up to very high volumes, a fellow audiophile has mentioned that they waffle a wee bit—this is at blast-the-neighbors levels though, so I think they’ll perform just fine in your car! Otherwise they perform excellently.


I’m really very fussy about sound quality, but I have nothing but praise for this Kicker set. With the depth and clarity I get from these two speakers, I’m even looking forward to upgrade it with an amp to take it to the next level.


Infinity Reference 9633cf 6 by 9 Inch 300-Watt Powerful 3-Way Loudspeaker (Pair):

Infinity Reference 9633cf 6 x 9Overview of the Product:

Looking for a lot of moving sound experience? Okay, Take Infinity vehicle sound for a trip. Innovative components and breakthrough engineering have put Infinity products out while watching competitions always. So anticipate extreme output from these loudspeakers, but be ready for accuracy and fine detail that could surprise you.

Infinity Reference Series loudspeakers continue being the top-selling premium speakers in the global world. For instance, the particular 6-1/2- inch Reference coaxial design continues to be the number-one-selling vehicle audio multi component loudspeaker for 5 years straight. This material provides optimum cone-advantage suspension plus absorbs distortions that could travel up the cone advantage, adding stronger low-end.

With proprietary functions such as true 4-ohm topology, patent-pending and one cone, UniPivot edge-driven tweeter along with the Starfish tweeter- installation adapter, Reference Collection speakers leave your competition scrambling to maintain.

Key Features of the Product:

High quality of Sound:

Infinity Reference 9633cf is capable to provide high quality sound for you. Once you are scouting around for an ideal group of 6×9 speakers, probably the most important functions you will be searching for will certainly the standard of audio, and you’ll need to get the best high quality sound you can give.
Tweeter Level Adjustments:

The particular 9633cf also includes a tweeter level adjusting on the front from the speaker and may become set at the research degree of 0dB. If the speaker can be found low in the hinged doorways or if you are searching for a brighter sound put the tweeter at +3dB.


It’s pretty much confirmed that everyone likes to obtain the best value for their money virtually, of what they’re searching for regardless. With this being stated, you most likely already have advisable regarding how much cash you strategy on spending to buy your 6×9 speakers. You’re certainly going to desire to choose the set that provides you the best worth for the dollar, based about what your allowance is.

Plus One Woofer Cones:

This particular patent pending technology deliver a cone with an increase of surface area compared to competing types of exactly the same size. The effect is increased bass result and higher efficiency.

True Four Ohms:

Almost all Reference speakers function 2 ohm tone of voice coils. Initial factory-installed speaker wiring in lots of cars are 18-22 gauges. This cable, and heating within the tone of voice coil whenever power is used, rises the impedance “seen” by the amplifier.

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Features and Specifications:

RMS Energy 45 Infinity Reference 6″x 9″ 3-way Vehicle Loud Speakers:

  • Peak: 600 watt per set or 300 watt each
  • RMS: 200 watt per set or 100 watt each
  • Hi-roll rubber encompass
  • Front accessible tweeter level adjustment
  • Minimal impedance: 2 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: 46-30,000 Hz
  • Level of sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Top-mount depth: 3-1/16″

Advantages of the Product:

  • Edge-driven fabric dome midrange plus tweeter for improved power handling plus decreased distortion in higher output amounts
  • Plus One woofer cones and long lasting rubber surrounds with regard to improved bass result and higher effectiveness
  • Tweeter degree adjusting and swivel placement for optimizing audio and stereo picture
  • 6 x 9- inch 3 way loudspeaker with 300 watts peak energy dealing with and two Ohm impedance
  • One-year warranty

The Disadvantages of the Product:

Big sound except not for the doorways. In a hinged door, the particular baffle area is simply too small because of this device and restricts the reduced bass (80 Hz and below), while improving the less desired muddy bass (150 – 200hz.). The speaker could be defective sometimes if you are unlucky.


Read the above review carefully and I think your decision will be easier to select the best one. It’s a well-known proven fact that each and every brand of 6×9 speakers offers different and specific features. Before you begin your 6×9 speakers buying venture even, you would like to have an idea about which unique functions you like your own perfect pair to possess.

Pioneer TS-A6975R 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speaker:

Overview of the Product:

Pioneer TS-A6975R 6 x 9 3-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers

Are you looking for a perfect car speaker? Okay, you are at the right place now. In this article I have tried my best to provide an authentic review on Pioneer TS-A6975R 6″ by 9″ 3-Way Coaxial Car Speaker. I think this review will fulfill your demand.

Pioneer TS-A6975R 6″ by 9″ 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers are currently the most suitable choice intended for both adult plus young car fans. The cone comprises multilayer mica matrix materials which are rigid enough in order to withstand warping throughout playback, but yielding enough to create smooth and subtle sound.

The particular soft dome tweeter of this speaker uses Wave Guide technologies to increase the sensitivity, providing great articulation within the high frequency spectrum. The passive crossover system will mix the particular mid-woofer and tweeter for a properly well balanced sound throughout the entire audible frequency range.

Key Features of the Product:

Sleek design along with wide frequency:

These types of speakers are created with a broad frequency response to make sure you are listening to every note of your favorite songs. The temperature voice coil will certainly reduce quickly distortion by dissipating high temperature, which will defend your investment for a long time to come.

Loud and Clear Sound:

This car speaker comes with clear plus loud sound and you will be charmed by it. The brand new Pioneer A-Series speaker includes a multi layer mica matrix cone in which a surface that contains mica correctly keeps the cone’s higher rigidity and inner reduction while other layer makes exceptional usage of light, water-resistant component.

Pioneering and Ideal:

Absolute fidelity in order to musical sources uses form speakers that reproduce the particular ambience where sounds originate. Stage dimension, musicians’ movement, aural reflection along with other exclusive information all provide these sounds alive. Pioneer A-Series loudspeakers can be found in 2-way element deals or coaxial designs in several sizes that fit most automobiles.

Easy to Install:

You can install this speaker without the special tools or even additional modifications. In case you are upgrading an old set of aftermarket speakers, the Pioneer‘s simple set up makes replacement simple as well. You will be listening to your brand-new Pioneer TS-A6975R 6″ by 9″ 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers very in no time at all.

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Features and Specifications:

  • 6″ × 9″ A-Series 3-Way Coaxial Speakers’ Power Handling:
  • Peak: Five hundred watts for each pair / 250 watt each
  • RMS: One hundred and eighty watts for each pair / 90 watt each
  • Multilayer Mica Matrix cone materials
  • Elastic Polymer loudspeaker surround
  • Soft Dome tweeter with Influx Guide for improved sensitivity
  • Protective loudspeaker grilles
  • Frequency Range: 28-24, 000 Hertz
  • Top-mount depth: 3-3/8″
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • 1-year Sonic Electronics Guarantee

Benefits of the Product:

  • Light-weight elastic plastic surround
  • The wire voice coil is resistant in heat or high temperature
  • Multilayer Mica Matrix cone materials
  • Elastic Polymer loudspeaker surround
  • Soft Dome tweeters along with Wave Guidebook intended for increased sensitivity
  • First class quality TS Collection Coaxial Vehicle Speakers possess affordable prices that will certainly match together with your spending budget plan well as earnings.

The Disadvantages of the Product:

  • Information of the instruction manual isn’t completely authentic
  • Absolutely no suitable bass
  • Nothing special features are found in this speaker


Finally I can articulate that Pioneer TS-A6975R 6″ by 9″ 3-Way Coaxial Car Speaker is absolutely perfect for your cars. If you read the above review attentively you will be able to select the best one. These For The best 6×9 speakers are made with the Composite IMPP cone that makes use of a good interlaced Aramid fiber that helps to ensure it is stronger and light-weight. The neodymium magnet really helps to provide powerful with low bias for much better listening.

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