Yes, you may have blown a ton of cash on best double din head units speaker system for your car, but that’s not going to be worth anything if you can’t find any solid double din head units to pull it all together. Whether you’re picking up calls hands-free through Bluetooth, searching for directions to a restaurant with GPS navigation, or simply playing a CD you just bought, all of these functions depend on a stereo head, which you can think of as the “brain” of your sound system.

best double din head unitsA double din head unit is basically a larger kind of stereo head. A stereo head is the central part of your sound system that sits neatly in your dashboard, and behind the screen display is the configuration of electronics which manages all of the functions mentioned above. From your basic radio to video displays to Bluetooth connections to your phone, the stereo head manages it all. As for the double DIN part, it’s really just an international standard measurement. The German Institute for Standardization standardized two sizes for car stereo heads: the first one is 7 inches wide by 2 inches tall (the Single DIN), while the second size is 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall—this is the Double DIN car stereo.

The Best Double Din Head Unit Guide

Alpine Double Din In Dash DVD Receiver
Clarion Corporation of America VX404 2-DIN DVD Multimedia Station
JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio 2DIN CD Stereo, with Bluetooth Ipod and Iphone Android Control
Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver
Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS 7” Double-DIN DVD Receiver
Jensen, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and Alpine are just some of the most reliable brands that you can pick from when it comes to stereo heads. It’s better to go with a quality brand rather than scrimp on your unit—that way you can have tech support and easy part replacement. What you first have to think about is what features you want for your car. Most units will come with Bluetooth compatibility, a radio tuner and a CD player—these are considered standards for each stereo head now. However, if you want GPS navigation or video display, you’ll have to shop around a bit more.

Tips for Finding the Double Din Head Unit for your Car

Thinking of taking your car sound experience to the next level? Well, you should look for the 2 din head unit in the market!

Here are some simple tips you should keep in mind before making the purchase:

First, you should look for the right features.

It is highly ideal that you check the features first. Some common head unit features include a Bluetooth, built-in GPS, DVD player, iPhone compatibility, and many others. You need to identify which ones are most important for you so you can narrow down your choices.

Second, you have to consider the brand.

Brand name plays a vital role in your decision as you look for your car sound system. Good car audio is a tricky thing and so you want to choose a trusted company with a proven track record of manufacturing quality products. Some of the top brands in the industry include Alpine, Jensen, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer and Sony. Take a look at what they offer and you will see many fantastic options.

Last but not the least, you should mind the price tag.

Of course, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend. There are numerous products in the market and so it may be a bit intimidating to shop for just one. Having a specific budget in mind will help you stay focused. You will immediately know if a unit is for you or not with this factor alone.

It is always a better idea to do all your researches over the internet. Instead of having to visit different stores just to compare different units, you can browse from the comfort of your home and do all the work with less hassle.

Here are some review of top 5 rated units that you may consider a solid option for your car:

Alpine Double Din In Dash DVD Receiver Review

Alpine Double Din In Dash DVD Receiver

Everyone is about entertainment these days. I think it’s what brightens those dull moments. We experience boring moments inside our cars, too, especially when that road trip unexpectedly has gone for too long and you’re still miles from the next rest stop. That’s why I think it’s important to have a good entertainment system these days. Thankfully, advancements in technology are able to provide that for all. I’m going to review one of the good entertainment systems I’ve had for my cars – this Alpine Double Din In Dash DVD Receiver

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3-Band Parametric EQ

Of course, one of the vital parts of having an entertainment system is getting a product with good audio. The Alpine In Dash Receiver features a 3-band parametric EQ and let me tell you, the audio this product provides is so crisp and clear. I also didn’t notice any distortion of audio even in high volumes, so that’s really a plus for me, and an advantage for those sitting at the back. It also has a dual zone that lets you set filters for your front and rear speakers, so this adds a refined touch to your audio.

Camera Input

The Alpine Receiver lets you add a rear view camera so that it’s easier for you to drive. While in reverse, the screen will automatically switch to the camera’s view and this is perfect for my teens that are still learning how to drive and may still have difficulties in parallel or rear parking. Being able to see what’s behind your car is perfect for those who want to be extra safe and make sure nothing compromising is behind them. Aside from this, if you want to be extra safe, Alpine actually offers a separate product – the Active View Camera – that has additional beeps and visual highlights that activate when your car is backing up.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a high resolution and Visual Enhancement option that provides great visuals for everyone to enjoy
    Playback includes DVD, AAC, MP3, and DivX
  • App Mode option where users can connect their iPhone or iPod and launch apps like YouTube, Spotify, or Netflix – which enables passengers to enjoy music or video streaming
  • Built-in Bluetooth Wireless technology that makes answering phone calls comfortable with just your earpiece and a touch of a button. The Bluetooth technology also enables you to easily operate the entertainment features of this product, conveniently even while driving
  • Can be paired with both iPod and iPhone
  • Quick boot-up time that minimizes waiting while starting up the device. This makes it easier to listen to music quickly and the rear-view camera displays smoothly on screen because there is minimal lagging.
  • 3-band parametric EQ that provides amazing sound quality that is perfect for listening to your tracks or enjoying the sound of your movies


The only downside to this product is that it only works for iPhone or iPod and doesn’t support Android devices, or even integrates Android-operating systems. There is also a lack of a memory card reader so the only devices you can pair with this product are basically just Apple products.


This Alpine product may look very simple, but it is very functional and even adds a touch of safety guarantee that can easily match other leading tech brands. I recommend this product to those with teenagers learning how to drive or families with babies, or just anyone who values both entertainment and safety.


Clarion Corporation of America VX404 2-DIN DVD Multimedia Station Review

Clarion Corporation of America VX404 2-DIN

In our everyday routines, we almost always use our smartphones. From to-do lists to communication to entertainment, our small devices can literally do almost anything. And one advantage of this advancement in technology is convenience. With my career and my kids, being able to juggle my tasks as a working mom is very important. So I need to find the most convenient ways to incorporate all tasks into fewer clusters. With the Clarion Multimedia Station, I can make business calls, entertain myself or my kids, and view media files on the go, and the best thing is, I can meld my smartphone into the system so I can utilize both!

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3-Band Parametric EQ
Easy interface with multiple features

What I like about the Clarion Multimedia Station is its easy-to-use interface. I like how modern it looks and the display itself is really stylish. It can support all multimedia – it has slots for CD and DVD, and it can play audio files like MP3 and WMA. The other good thing is that it has an AM/FM radio – perfect for when you want to kick it old school.

All around access with Bluetooth technology and wireless remote

I mentioned that I can make business calls with this product, and it’s true. With it’s Bluetooth technology, I just connect my smartphone via its Bluetooth system so I can make outgoing or answer incoming calls hands-free. The Bluetooth technology also comes in handy for connecting your smartphone to play media files for your entertainment needs. When I said all-around access, I also meant that the Clarion Multimedia Station has docks for micro SD and USB drives – so not only do I access files from my smartphone, but on my portable storage drives as well. Plus, this Multimedia Station comes with a wireless remote, so even my passengers who don’t have direct access can control the station.

Features and Specifications

  • In-dash DVD that supports other various multimedia such as MP3, WMA, and CD; it also includes an AM/FM radio
  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology to make communication easier with hands-free calls using your Bluetooth-capable mobile phone
  • Includes a wireless remote control so that all passengers can access the product
  • Built-in memory card slot for CD-R, CD+RW, MP3, and supports USB and micro SD drives
  • Has a preamp voltage of 2V


This product is great although I have a slight problem with the universal access that it’s supposed to have, as I cannot really navigate folders in my flash drive with my remote control, so my passengers who can’t access the product directly can’t really go through the folders without touching the screen. Also, as I am an organized nut, the lack of arrangement of folders bothers me a little bit. Other than those, this product is great!


When I first encountered this product, I was actually choosing between this one and another brand. And I’m happy I chose this product from Clarion. It’s stereo has amazing sound quality and the additional features works well for my lifestyle. Other than the very few downsides that I mentioned above, this product is great!


JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio 2DIN CD Stereo, with Bluetooth Ipod and Iphone Android Control Review

JVC KW-R910BT Car Audio 2DIN

While I had a tolerable run with the sound system that came with my car, as someone who saves a lot of their music on my media player, tablet and phone, I wanted to treat myself to an upgrade that would keep up with the technology. As nice as it was to listen to my albums, I didn’t want to have a bulky case hanging around in my car, full of CDs that would take longer and longer to read with scratches and use. It was a good thing I stumbled upon this JVC model—a solid buy that turned out to have some really useful features.

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Adaptable Bluetooth Audio Works Seamlessly With All Apps

My first worry was that there would be a lack of support for the software side here, but it seems that as long as the song title can be displayed on your device, the Bluetooth adapter here can get the transmitted signal and play it—I’ve tried it so far with Google Music, iTunes and VLC, and they all work just fine. Once I was able to pair my devices with the Bluetooth, it functioned like a dream. A surprising bonus which I didn’t think was possible was using this feature to take calls—hands-free multitasking at its finest, especially when I have a lot on my plate.

Good Sound Equalizing That Makes The Most Of A Built-In Sound Set

While I wanted to switch up my radio to a new one, I was still shopping around for a speaker pair that would work with my car, so I wasn’t sure how well this JVC stereo would function with what is admittedly a sub-par system. To my surprise, the sound quality was miles beyond what I normally play. Whether it’s a FLAC track on my phone or something burned onto a CD, it sounds just as good. It also comes with a USB port that will play things off your flash drive—something useful to keep in mind.

Features and specifications

  • 8 pounds in weight
  • Bluetooth Support For A2DP, AVRCP1.3, HFP1.5, OPP, PBAP and SPP codecs
  • Illumination feature that can adjust from Day To Night Mode
  • Adjustable microphone
  • PANDORA integration with USB ports
  • 10 inches in depth


There’s a bit of a lag when it reads mp3 tracks off my burned discs, but it’s only a few seconds, and pretty typical of most models. The similar lag when I’m taking calls via Bluetooth is manageable, as I’m willing to put up with it in exchange for my safety. Some people have complained that the display can be a tad glaring, which can get irritating. What I did was find the color scheme—blue—which worked for me regardless of the setting. You’re not stuck with a color if you don’t want it!


I feel like I’ve finally joined the 21st century with the JVC KW-R910BT: no more rooting around for CDs or fiddling endlessly with the tuner. Now I can enjoy my music hands-free. It was definitely a great buy for me.


Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver Review

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver

This day and age is all about convenience. The things we do today can be done 1000 times faster than before. The Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD receiver is all about hands-free control and enjoying music the greatest possible way, but it has a ton of additional feature that surprised me a little when I first encountered it. I bought it a while back and I’m here to share my experience with this awesome product.

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3-Band Parametric EQ
Hands-Free Control of Almost All Features

Like I said, today is all about doing everything the most convenient way possible. With the AVH-X4700BS, you can enjoy almost full control of the device hands-free! Aside from hands-free calling via the well-loved Bluetooth technology, you can also have access your smartphones using the receiver itself – wirelessly! Like previous products, it includes Siri® Eyes Free technology that utilizes voice recognition technology when activated.

Expanded Media Playback Options

This receiver went big on improving the listening experience for any music lover. It has the exclusive digital DJ, MIXTRAX that remixes your music files. It also added the SiriusXM feature where you can use your SiriusXM Radio subscription and listen to your favorite stations – from news to entertainment – all ads-free! You can also access your Pandora account and listen to your personalized radio stations and even view the track data.

Features and Specifications

  • 7” screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 480 x 800 resolution
  • Resistive touchscreen with LED backlight, motorized display, and anti-glare screen coating
  • Fully customizable display (5 display colors, 112-key colors, 13-background, splash screen)
  • Multi-language display: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Spanish, and Portugeuse
  • Bluetooth® technology for convenient, hands-free calling and wireless streaming of media files
  • Able to browse media libraries wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Better reception of calls using Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6 that doubles the frequency bandwidth, improving the quality of calls
  • Able to use voice recognition system via Siri® Eyes Free (for iOS devices only)
  • SiriusXM-Ready for commercial free satellite radio!
  • One-cable connection with AppRadio One to access your smartphone through the receiver’s screen
  • Compatible with iDatalink Maestro RR that provides additional control to factory features
  • Graphic equalizer that can customize with various adjustments in presets, time alignment, and subwoofer control
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • Supports CD/CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, AAC, WAV, DVD/DVD-R/RW/DVD-Video playback
  • JPEG photo viewer when connected to USB
  • Improved video quality of DVD playback
  • Equipped with the Pandora Station Creation, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices
  • Personal digital DJ with MIXTRAX
  • Mirrorlink technology for custom interfaces to access media, map services, and hands-free calling
  • Ability to upgrade with an add-on navigation system (requires AVIC-U260)


I think this is kind of pricey for a car stereo. Although the features are really great, an entertainment and music buff would appreciate this much more than the average driver. A couple of features also require add-ons and aren’t really included in the set. I really don’t need all the features but it’s a great stereo that everyone can enjoy.


The AVH-X4700BS is jam-packed with features that it’s a little overwhelming, but everything has a function of its own, and it works really well for this generation. Pioneer really outdid themselves with this one. If you’re into a lot of music and handle various music accounts, this stereo is for you.


Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS 7” Double-DIN DVD Receiver Review


I love travelling with my family and I don’t mind driving long distances as long as we have snacks for the road and a good music entertainment system to keep the mood up during the journey. The Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS DVD receiver satisfies that particular need and so much more. I’d like to share my great experience with this product.

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3-Band Parametric EQ
A beautiful touchscreen display and a personal DJ accessible to all

A lot of entertainment systems are vying for the top spot when it comes to unique features and almost every single one uses the touchscreen technology. I loved the overall high quality of this receiver’s screen. The resolution is so good, even our kids riding in the back can enjoy the beautiful display, which is also customizable and can be matched with our minivan’s interior and lighting! Another thing I love is that the screen doesn’t lag, unlike other touchscreen decks that I’ve used or seen in the past.

Additionally, this product features MIXTRAX, which is exclusive to Pioneer. This program works like a personal DJ, shuffling your music tracks with a touch of transitions and visual effects that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Siri Eyes Free and Bluetooth technology

We are all about safe driving and what better way to promote a safe but still enjoyable listening experience than to install a hands-free Bluetooth technology – which gives the driver to pair the deck with their phone for hands-free calls or audio streaming. The Siri Eyes Free feature also gives the driver the ability to control the deck using voice recognition. This comes in handy when I drive alone and have no one to push buttons for me or when it’s my turn to choose the station or track while driving.

Features and Specifications

  • A 7-inch LCD touchscreen with a customizable display that can suit the taste of any member of the family
  • An 480 x 800 resolution that delivers clear and crisp visuals to all
  • Exclusive Pioneer technology MIXTRAX, an auto-remixer for audio files
  • Audio feature includes an AM/FM tuner with an option to create a Pandora station
  • Supports iPod, iPhone, and Android using the appropriate standard cables (cables not included)
  • Users get the option to refine the quality of sound using 13-band customizable graphic equalizers and adjusting subwoofer levels
  • Bluetooth that built-in that supports A2DP audio streaming, can works in mobile phones that have Bluetooth
  • Siri Eyes Free with iPhone 4s or later
  • Power output peak of 50 watts per channel and RMS of 14 watts per channel (4 channels supported)


Personally, I have not had any bad experience with this receiver! For the several months that I’ve had it, it has been serving its function really well.


I have nothing but praise for this product. It works well for any type of scenario, whether it’s during a lengthy road trip or just a smooth cruise on the highway alone, this deck is perfect. It has great sound quality, great display, easy installation… It’s perfect for everyone to enjoy.

Whatever unit you decide to get, always remember not to splurge on features you’ll barely use, and to keep your eyes on the road, especially if you have a unit with a video display. These features may be convenient, but safety is important. These are just a sample from a wide range of best double din head units you can choose from, so surf the internet, explore and you’ll certainly find one that is just right for you.